Our Story

LP Steel Industries, LLC was established in Avondale, Arizona in 1993 as a manufacturer of hydraulic construction equipment and trailers. Founder and CEO, Jaime Zavala had the plan of not only providing quality products but also expanding the family business. Over time, LP Steel added roll formers to produce materials such as tracks, purlins, metal sheeting, pipe, tube, and much more. By applying the knowledge of steel, manufacturing, and machinery; LP Steel is able to produce customized orders for residential and commercial families. Strength is their imagination and with flexible customer service, came amazing customer satisfaction. As the client base grew, so did their need for space and additional inventory. From Avondale, they expanded to Stanfield, from Stanfield to Laveen, and from Laveen to their newest location in Dewey. All locations carry their full line of products, while also specializing in a core competency. Avondale handles a wide variety of merchant bars and floor plates; Stanfield manufactures metal building products, Laveen specializes in welded panels and customized fabrication, and Dewey’s core is fabricating metal roof trim. Together LP Steel works as a family and is determined to work hard to earn your business.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement here at LP is simple its to provide Value with dedication. Our team works tirelessly in our demanding environment to bring our customers a quality product at competitive pricing. We achieve our mission by building strong supplier relationships that we can then convert to value-added products that our customers can depend on for years to come.