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L.P. Steel Industries offers a verity of styles for all of your live stock fencing needs. All Livestock Panels Offered in Galvanized Only.

August 16, 2016


L.P. Steel Industries offers a verity of styles for all of your live stock fencing needs. All Livestock Panels Offered in Galvanized Only.



Del Mar panels are similar to Non Climb fencing in that the spacing of the opening is 2” Wide 4” Tall from top to bottom but differentiate in that they are constructed of 6 Ga wire and are welded at the joints verses the woven construction of Non Climb. These panels are ideal for livestock containment and are a great addition to any fence line or horse panel where separation and containment is key. The tight spacing of this panel helps eliminate injuries from pawing or reaching through fence rails. These panels are available in 4 sizes to suit most needs; sizes are 4’ tall 12’ long, 5’ tall 16’ long, 5’ tall 20’ long, 6’ tall 20’ long.



Building containment pens for 4H swine or sheep has never been easier. Our hog panels are up to the task with spacing at the bottom starting at 2” tall by 8” wide and graduating up to 6” tall by 8” wide with an overall height of 34” and length of 16’. These panels are constructed of durable 4ga welded wire to stand up to everyday abuses.




Much like the hog panel, the cow panel is great for building containment pens or adding to an existing fence line for greater containment strength. These panels start at 8” wide by 4” tall at the bottom and graduate up giving you 50” by 16’of total coverage and are constructed of durable 4 ga welded wire.




This great woven fence wire is constructed of high quality 12.5ga wrapped wire with a 10ga top and bottom wire making it ideal for stretching over flat, hilly or uneven terrain. The fence is available in 4’, 5’ and 6’ tall by 100’ long and with 2” wide by 4” tall holes. It is sure to keep your animals in and predators and other unwanted animals out! This fence is perfect for back yards or arenas and anything from horses to dogs.




Field fence is a woven wire that is manufactured in many different heights. It features graduated spacing that starts out small at the bottom to keep out smaller animals. One of the benefits of field fence is its construction. Made with square knots, the wire is able to bounce back after an impact and return to its regular shape instead of deforming. This wire insures quality construction over most terrains and is made to accommodate horses, cows, sheep, hogs and other large animals.




V Mesh horse fence is made from 12.5 and 14-gauge galvanized, high-tensile wires. It features 2 heavy, twisted horizontal cables and vertical wires securely wrapped around each horizontal cable. This is our most durable/heavy duty live stock fence we offer.




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